Pitta Pizzas

A really simple fun alternative for the family instead of a takeaway. Providing the chance of creativity, using the senses and opting for a ray of colour to your meals.



  • Wholemeal pittas or wholegrain alternative.
  • Tomato puree or bbq sauce
  • Grated cheese. Can be low fat and different varieties.
  • Steamed vegetables or fresh. Many different colours.
  • Mixed chopped peppers optional
  • Sliced mushrooms optional
  • Pineapple up for debate
  • Meat is optional such as chicken pieces or ham.
  • Salad side serving.


Spread the tomato puree or optional sauce as a base. Then sprinkle on some grated cheese. Add vegetables of your choice and meat choice. You can play to make them symmetrical or funny faces. For a child I recommend 1 pitta, 2 for an adult unless adding wedges or chips to the plate. If adding extra side servings I recommend ½ a pitta for children and 1 for an adult.

Pop them in the oven for 5-10 minutes or until golden on top.

Add a serving of side salad.


Nutrition information:

Kcals 350

Fats 9.2g

Of which saturates 4g (with full fat cheese)

Carbohydrates 38.7g

Sugars 10.1g (from fruit)

Protein 22.7g

Fibre 10.8g

At least one of your five a day per pitta and 2 of your five a day with a side salad.

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