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Can I book my child on activities if my child is not on free-school meals?

There are activities accessible to all children. All places are free to children on benefits-related free-school meals; however, we do have some funded places available to other children. If you are not eligible for free-school meals, please check the activity information for further details as you may need to book directly with the provider where a fee may be payable.

What happens if my child is showing symptoms of COVID-19 whilst attending a session?

We ask that if anyone in your household is showing signs of COVID-19 that they do not attend the session. For a list of symptoms please check the NHS website. All staff are trained on the signs of COVID-19 and will isolate the child and call their parents for collection.

I have made a booking, but what happens if my child’s session can’t go ahead due to COVID-19?

If we have to cancel the activities this year, we will contact you regarding the cancellation as soon as possible.

Does my child need to wear a facemask?

All secondary school aged children should bring their own face masks and will be asked to wear them when transitioning through venues where social distancing is not possible. As part of COVID-19 regulations, adults will be required to wear face masks when entering the sessions children over 11 years old will also be required to wear face masks during registration and collection and in indoor corridors.

Does my child need to have a negative test in order to attend?

Children under the age of 11 do not need to have a test to attend. Children in secondary school should continue with testing (as part of their school’s policy). Anyone with symptoms (even if recently had a negative LFD test result), should self-isolate in line with government guidance. A PCR test should be taken as soon as possible.

What if my child is nervous about attending?

We know how daunting the first day of a new activity can seem to a child, but usually within a short time they are settled, making new friends and raring to go! Our experienced staff know how to welcome new children and make them feel comfortable and confident within their group.

What happens when I drop my child off?

The exact drop off instructions will differ between providers, but a session leader will be visible and ready to sign your child in at the beginning of the session. To ensure this is done smoothly, we request that every attendee arrives a few minutes early so the session can begin on time.

What if I am late dropping off or collecting?

If you’re running late to collect your child, please call the session leader ASAP. Contact details can be found on your booking confirmation.

What if my child is ill or has an accident?

We do everything possible to minimise bumps and scrapes, but we have fully trained first aiders at every session. In the event of a minor accident our staff will attend to your child as necessary. For anything beyond that you will be immediately informed, and in the unlikely event of a serious accident we will inform emergency services. If your child becomes ill, we will do everything we can to make them comfortable, however it may be in their best interest to be collected early as we do not have the capacity or facilities to care for poorly children for an extended period. We do require that any child who becomes ill be kept away for the full duration of their illness and 24 hours after the end of their symptoms.

What if my child has a medical condition?

At the time of booking, please give us as much information regarding medical conditions and medication as possible for us to appropriately care for your child during their session. We may require you to fill out additional information, but we will send these out with your confirmation email.

My child has a specific medical condition. Do I need to tell you?

Yes – please tell us anything we need to know about your child’s health when you make your booking e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies and so on. In some cases we may need to send you some more forms and get additional information from you about your child’s needs. The more information you provide us with, the better quality of care we can provide for your child.If your child needs medication at camp, you must let the staff know and complete a medication form available at registration.

What if my child needs extra help?

We aim to be as inclusive as possible with an ‘open to all children’ policy. If your child requires extra support, please email, or call us to discuss your child’s specific needs so we can ensure they are able to fit into the programme and whether any special arrangements need to be made.

Can my child bring a mobile phone?

We strongly advise that children don’t bring mobile telephones*, watches, computer games, tablets and similar electronic devices. There’s no real use for these items and they are often mislaid as children are busy and excited doing other things. Staff are trained not to put themselves in a difficult position by taking care of such items and we cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen.

*Mobile phones: Although we understand the need for older children who make their way to and from camp to have a mobile phone, they’re not allowed to be used once on camp, during break times or for photographs. They must be always kept in personal baggage at the risk of the owner. Please make sure your child is aware of this.

How will you ensure my child is safe?

Medway Council have ensured each provider working with MedwayGo has received training in safeguarding and is experienced in caring for children. In addition to this, we have a first aider available at every session.

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