Painting Ideas for Children

Learn to make your own paint!

Do you want a diy, taste-safe recipe to make your own paint? Here is a simple recipe you can do at home to make your own paint, because it is made of natural ingredients it means it is taste safe- which is great for younger children.

Homemade Flour Paint Recipe 

  1. Firstly, find some old jars or pots- this is what you will mix the paint in.
  2. Place a heaped teaspoon of flour and 2 teaspoons of water into a jar and mix together. Use different jars for different colours. If the mixture is to thick, add more water until it is a smooth consistency.
  3. Next, add in food colouring. Add in as many different colours as you wish.
  4. You’re now ready to use your paints!

When painting, why not try painting without paintbrushes?  Instead of a paintbrush, you could use…

  • Fingers
  • Leaves
  • Small toy cars
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cotton buds
  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Child Friendly Medway
  • Department for Education
  • Medway Council

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