National Children’s Gardening Week

29th May- 6th June

This week is National Children’s Gardening Week. Why not encourage your child to explore the outdoors by trying out one of these fun activities?


  1. Leaf Printing


Firstly, you will need to collect some leaves to use for this craft activity. Try to find leaves that are unusual shapes or sizes, this will help you create interesting designs.

Make sure your leaves are dry before you start painting then. Then, using a paintbrush, paint the textured side of the leaves with colourful paint.

Then, start pressing your leaves onto a blank piece of paper. Gently place the leaves on the paper, painted side down. Then, gently peel the leaves off to reveal the colourful design. Keep repeating until you’re happy with your design.



2. Make your own rock labels 

Are you planting flowers or growing fruit and veg in your garden? Try painting your own rock labels to use. Firstly, you will need to gather some rocks- try to look for smoother rocks as these will be easier to paint on.

Before you start painting, make sure the rocks are dry. Then, sketch out your design using a pencil- see the picture below for some inspiration. Once you’ve made your design you can start adding colour- don’t forget to leave space to add your label!

Once you’re happy with your design, leave it out to dry. Once it’s dry, then it’s ready to place in your garden.


  • Child Friendly Medway
  • Department for Education
  • Medway Council

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