National Children’s Day

Celebrate national children’s day

The 14th of May marks National Children’s Day UK! This is a time to focus on the importance of a healthy childhood. Here are some ways you and your children can get involved:

  • Be active– Go for a family walk, run, cycle, swim, play football or tennis! Physical activity is vital for a child’s (and adult’s) mental and physical health.


  • Explore the outdoors– Being outdoors is an important part of having a healthy and happy childhood. Here are some suggestions you could do when visiting your local park, beach, woods, or your garden: Go on a nature scavenger hunt, have a picnic, build a sandcastle, build a den, go on a treasure hunt with clues to solve.


  • Be creative- Arts and crafts, reading, dancing and singing play an important part of having a happy childhood. Here are some ideas you could do with your children to encourage their creativity and imagination: Write a story together, act out a fairytale, make a collage, make something out of paper, go outside and create art from nature, hold a talent show with family or friends.


For more ideas, information and support, visit the National Children’s Day UK website. 

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