Autumn Crafts for Kids

Try out these crafts at home

Here are some easy and cheap craft ideas you could try, from BBC Good Food:

1. Upcycled fox

Homemade cardboard fox model

This fox is made from a cardboard toilet roll tube and two cupcake cases – you just need to add beads or googly eyes to bring him to life.

You will need

  • newspaper
  • orange paint
  • paintbrushes
  • toilet roll tube
  • 2 white cupcake cases
  • 3 black beads
  • glue

What to do

  1. Lay down newspaper to protect the work surface. Paint the toilet roll tube orange and leave to dry.
  2. Open both cupcake cases out flat, fold both in half, then a quarter and then in half again. To make the face, open one of the cases back out so that it is in a quarter-fold with a crease down the middle. Glue the inside folded quarters flat together. To make the tail, glue the second case together so you have a thinner cone shape.
  3. Paint the two folded cupcake cases orange, leaving the tips unpainted for the tail and nose. Leave to dry, then turn over and paint the undersides. Leave to dry.
  4. Once the body is dry, create the ears by pressing the top front and the top back of the tube in towards the centre.
  5. Glue two beads onto the face for eyes and another for the nose. Stick the fox’s face to its body and glue the tail in place at the back, pointy side out.

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